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There are many companies specialized in supplying and installing everything related to electric elevators, as there are more than one type of elevators, including elevators of different types, including escalators, and each of them differs in the number of people that it can bear, some of which can bear four people, and some of them can bear 8 people. The elevator is increased in size, making it capable of carrying about 30 people.

Also, electric elevators are characterized by several different advantages, the most important of which is that they have a brilliant interior beauty, and they also have more than one means of comfort, as they are keen to provide security and safety for passengers, which gives them the necessary reassurance to ascend during the lift, do not worry if you want to install an elevator for the factory or the private company Your company, as our company can choose the type that suits your factory or company in proportion to the circumstances surrounding it or the problems that may be exposed to it.

Electric lifts have different sizes and interior cabin sizes, which makes them suitable for all homes or commercial malls. There are also types of electric lifts that accommodate wheelchairs used by people of determination, and it is also possible to use some colors that match the colors of the building or house.

In addition to the above, it is possible for passengers to use the feature of complete control in the various sides through which the door can be opened, and the company that manufactures electric elevators is working to install them at the highest level of efficiency, as it nominates the appropriate type for the customer's house or building This makes it the best fit and provides the occupants with the best possible protection.

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The cost of installing an elevator

There are many types of electric elevators, but they differ according to their price, which is determined according to several factors that affect the price of the elevator, the most important of which are:

The advantages that each elevator has over others and what it offers to users.

The type of lift is the biggest factor that can determine its price.

The variety of materials from which the elevator is made affects its price; One of them is the Italian hydraulic and the same as the German or traditional elevator.

How the elevator is made is one of the factors that determine its price, which can be available in the market.

The size of the elevator also affects its price, as there are types of elevators that carry a certain number of people, each size bears a specific weight of people.

The floors of the building are one of the most important things in which the appropriate elevator price is determined, as some elevators are suitable for buildings with five or six floors, and there are elevators dedicated to buildings consisting of four floors.

The lift brand affects its price differently. There are either local or imported brands.

The condition of the elevator determines its price if it is old or modern, or if it is new or used.

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Used elevator for sale

In case you want to buy a used elevator and install it in your building or factory; There are some precautions that you should consider when choosing to install a used elevator, which are the following notes:

The need to leave sufficient space between doors and columns; To prevent any friction, either from the right or the left.

Taking into account that the door is balanced vertically.

Ensure that there is a distance of at least 3 cm between the door level and the elevator floor; To prevent friction and ease of movement of the door in the event of opening or closing.

Hydraulic jack

This type of elevator has been around for about 150 years; It is one of the best types of elevators that differ according to the building in which it will be installed. Most of these elevators are suitable for installation in all types of buildings, as they are specifically designed to operate inside commercial buildings and industrial warehouses. Therefore, it makes it easier for workers to move and bears the wheelchairs that are common to use in major commercial malls.

Advantages of hydraulic cylinders

The hydraulic lift is one of the best types that can be used in buildings or large houses, in addition to its very attractive appearance from the outside, and its advantages are in the following points:

It is characterized by high quality in design as it is suitable for small-sized homes, especially buildings located in service, residential or commercial areas.

The hydraulic lift needs to make a separate room for the engines and major tools that make up the lift; Therefore, it is necessary to provide a room with a large area.

The hydraulic lift operating equipment on the lift shaft needs a separate room from the lift; to operate at the highest efficiency.

This elevator is one of the types that deserves to be invested in, despite its high cost, but that is due to its many advantages.

The hydraulic lift helps the passenger feel calm and reach the floor he wants without problems, making it the best type of elevator ever.

This type of elevator provides safety and comfort for the passenger, which made it the most optional of the customers. It is characterized by some qualities that are not available in other elevators.

This elevator is highly durable, which makes its use easy and smooth and does not require excessive maintenance, and it is suitable for buildings that consist of three floors or more.

It is safe in the event of a power outage.

If the ropes are cut off from the cab, this will not result in the cab suddenly falling, which will lead to the passengers hitting hard or the occurrence of an accident.

This elevator works by using oil flowing through the cylinder which makes it suitable for heavy goods.