As soon as we hear the word elevators, we remember the importance of electric elevators in our day, as they make it very easy to climb high stairs, they make us go up quickly and safely without feeling pain or feeling grumpy, besides, they provide great assistance to the owners of institutions in the matter of transporting their goods Inside and outside the institution, it also has an important role in any place such as hotels, restaurants, homes, and others, and for these reasons many resort to its installation, but when installing it must rely on a company specialized in the field of installation, and there is no better than the Arab Elevators Company in this field, Therefore, today we learn about the prices of elevators in Egypt.
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Types of elevators in Egypt

There are many types of elevators, and each of them has advantages that differ from the other type, and the most important types are the following:
electric elevators
It is widely spread in Egypt, and it is used inside stores, institutions, buildings, and it works with an Italian motor of great quality, and there are two types of them:
Varied speed.
hydraulic lifts
It is one of the well-known old types, found largely in European countries, and is characterized by not requiring the presence of a motor room, as it can be placed in areas that are not wide.
panoramic elevators
These elevators give a distinctive appearance to the place, so they are used in luxurious places such as malls, hotels, food places, entertainment places, and this type is provided with durable, unbreakable glass in order to preserve the health of the person from damage.

رجل الأسانسير" قائد مصعد استراتيجي وشاهد على أسرار الركاب في مصر | اندبندنت  عربية

Clinical Elevators

They are called hospital elevators because their main design is based on the possibility of placing a moving mattress in them, as hospitals have a lot of movement inside them, and this elevator is characterized by the ability to ride more than 30 people inside.
cargo lift
This type is used specifically in order to put goods and heavy products inside it that may reach the placement of furniture in it, and the cargo lifts are characterized by light movement and safety, so it is considered the best type used for these previous purposes.
Asansir Services
This type is characterized by its small size, and it can be installed in all regions, in addition to its excellent speed of movement and its ability to carry more than 250 kilograms, so it can be used within institutions that provide various services.
Things to consider when choosing elevators inside Egypt 
There are many things to follow when buying an elevator, and they are as follows:
Price: The amount you will buy the lift must be allocated, as there are many expensive lifts and it depends on the brand.
Weight: It is necessary to determine the appropriate weight for the elevator according to the number of people and the purpose of the elevator installation.
Maintenance: Choosing a type of elevator that does not require periodic maintenance because that costs a lot of money.
Design: Choose elevators with a design that suits the shape of your building.
Safety: Find a type that provides security to the passenger.
Permit: You must have a permit from your neighborhood to set up an elevator inside the place.
Elevator prices in Egypt
There are many types of elevators in Egypt, and each of them varies according to the price, size, type, etc., and we explain below the price of each type:

electric elevators

It is divided into two types, one type requires a chamber and a well, and the other type does not require, and its most important features are:
Its price is low compared to other elevators.
Elevators are widely spread.
It is used a lot in homes and villas.
There are local and imported ones.
Its disadvantages are as follows:
If it is installed incorrectly, it will cause many malfunctions.
The sound it makes is annoying.
It requires regular maintenance.
· You need to prepare a deep pit and an upper chamber in which the elevator motor is placed.
Speaking about the prices of electric elevators, we find that their prices vary between:
An elevator that needs a room, the cost of which starts from 250,000 Egyptian pounds.
An elevator that needs a room, the cost of which starts from 305,000 EGP.
hydraulic lifts
It is one of the best types of elevators that can be chosen, as it has many advantages such as:
· Does not require to be established prior to installation.
It can be placed indoors or outdoors.
Its movement is very fast.
It does not emit any annoying sound.
It is possible to make a distinctive decoration for these elevators.
It does not require the presence of a room in order to put the motor in it.
Speaking of the disadvantages of hydraulic lifts, we find that they are:
You need a height of more than 11 cm.
It is slow compared to other sensors.
Its cost is higher than electric lifts.
As for the prices of hydraulic lifts in Egypt, they vary according to capacity and height, and their cost starts from 356,000 Egyptian pounds.
spiral elevators
Many people use screw elevators, because they:
Very similar to hydraulic lifts.
Can be used in narrow areas.
There is the ability to install external walls of a different type, such as glass, ceramics, and others.
Its movement is very simple and smooth.
But its drawbacks are as follows:
Its cost is high compared to other types.
Requires installation of approximately 12 cm or more.
As for the prices of screw elevators in Egypt, they start at 407,000 Egyptian pounds.

رجل الأسانسير" قائد مصعد استراتيجي وشاهد على أسرار الركاب في مصر | اندبندنت  عربية

Small elevator prices in Egypt 2022

The price of home elevators differs from companies and others, as each place has its own price, and among the most important prices of small elevators in Egypt for homes and villas are the following:
The price of the lift inside Egypt starts from 140,000 EGP to 190,000 EGP.
The price of an elevator for a house containing 4 floors is about 100,000 Egyptian pounds.
Elevator for a 6-storey house, the price of which is about