What is an elevator

If you are looking for an elevator company to provide you with a suitable elevator for your building; Our company is the perfect solution for you as it provides you with a large number of types of elevators that give you the opportunity to choose from among them, including lift elevators, hydraulic elevators and other different types, and we also give you the opportunity to obtain maintenance services at any time at the lowest possible prices and provide Genuine spare parts if any of the elevator parts are damaged.


Elevator trouble codes

Also, there are many signs that you can notice during the work of the elevator in your home, hospital or factory. When you notice these signs, it is necessary to communicate with the company you deal with; To be able to control any potential accidents or problems, the most important of these symbols are:

Frequent malfunctions

The elevator can be subjected to some frequent breakdowns, especially if it has been more than 15 years old.

Mid leveling stop

One of the most common problems that can cause accidents for passengers is that the elevator stops above or below the floor of the floor, and therefore one of the passengers may stumble into it if he is not careful to get out of it; It is therefore necessary to request the company to intervene immediately.

Variable speed

The elevator may be subjected to different weights while descending or ascending; This leads to problems and malfunctions that lead to changing the speed, it is possible to notice an increase or a slow speed; Therefore, you must contact the company for maintenance.

High temperature

In the event that you notice a rise in the temperature of the elevator, whether during its use or the high temperature of one of the spare parts; This is one of the most important indications that there is a problem; So be careful until the maintenance company comes; To avoid damage to any devices or equipment in it.


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Montanari elevator machine prices

Although there are many types of elevator machines; However, the Montanari elevator machine is considered the most high-quality, strong and solid machine, which makes the demand for it increasing day by day, and its prices are not exaggerated. On the contrary, its price is very much in line with the average budget or slightly above the average.



Elevators are devices that work through electric motors and push cables for traction or hoisting that are powered by a counterweight system. These pumps also work by pumping hydraulic fluid to be able to raise a piston in the form of a cylinder like a jack.

Also, electric elevators are one of the most important devices that can be used to transport and lift goods inside silos or boxes. There are many types of elevators that you can choose between, whether it is a spiral elevator. Recently, elevators have become an important legal matter to be able to obtain a building permit to build a building with Multiple floors.


hydraulic lifts

This type of elevator is one of the elevators that uses a hydraulic cylinder that is placed under the ground, especially if the building consists of two and up to five floors, and its speed ranges between one meter per second or approximately 200 feet per minute. Telescopic hydraulic cylinder for high-rise buildings, also hydraulic lifts use two cylinders above the ground, making them suitable for buildings consisting of two and four floors.


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Elevator prices and spare parts

The prices of elevators are one of the most things in which there is a great difference, as each elevator varies according to several factors. A house consisting of a few floors differs, of course, from the cost of a house consisting of twelve floors. Also, the cost of elevators for villas or elevators for a medical or commercial facility varies. Or a factory, and the price of a used elevator is significantly different from new elevators.

Also, the prices of elevator spare parts may vary according to the size and mission of this piece. Of course, the role of the elevator door is different from the mission of the elevator cabin, and the price of the elevator door pump is of course different from the prices of elevator motors in Egypt.


Prices of small elevators in Egypt

There are more than one type of elevators inside Egypt, which gives you the opportunity to choose the type that suits your building, and the most important of these types are:

German-made hydraulic lifts.

Hydraulic lift made in Italy.

Standard elevators with automatic door.

Accordingly, calculating the cost of buying an elevator inside your home, shop or factory is done according to several things and factors, which are the following points:

Knowing the number of floors that the building consists of, as it is one of the most important factors on the basis of which the cost of the elevator is determined; Every floor needs an elevator door.

The size of the cabin is one of the most important factors on the basis of which the cost of the elevator is known, the larger the cabin space; The higher the cost of purchasing the lift.

Preparatory works that are planned before installing the elevator. Elevators require making a hole for the well and a room for the machine, but it is possible to choose an elevator that does not require a room for its own machine, but of course its cost is higher than normal elevators.

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elevator companies

There are a large number of companies specialized in the supply and installation of elevators, whether inside your home or your commercial building, but one of the most important tasks of these companies is to help you choose the type that suits the place you will install it in according to its purpose and what use you will use it in. With the development of Decorations for villas and residential homes have increased the shapes of elevators in line with technology and the continuous increase in population.

Therefore, the increase in the population is one of the factors that led to the construction of buildings with multiple floors and higher than five floors, and thus electric elevators appeared, which have become completely relied upon in recent times.